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What is the best returning TV show of 2010? How long before it jumps the shark?

I'm afraid I've got no other choice but to say it's Doctor Who. Because, as I mentioned earlier, I haven't watched any new or returning show this year except. I probably seem to be very narrow-minded, do I not? :)

Can't say though that I loved series 5 unconditionally at once. In fact, I was rolling my eyes in mocking disbelief and going all "yeaaah, sure" in response to some characters' actions/words quite a lot while watching the series. As is pointed out in some reviews I read, the use of the daleks was quite questionable and not very plausible, plotholes and inconsistencies in characters' motivations were present and so on.
Yet I ended up caring about and sympathizing with pretty much all of the main characters - Eleven, Amy, Rory, River. Also I found the whole fairy tale arc fascinating, well executed and the grand finale fitting that arc perfectly. Yes, the latter left me desperately wanting more: more of newly weds in the TARDIS (the idea of marriage not meaning an end to adventures is lovely!), more of River's history revealed, more of Eleven's interaction with all of them and lots of other things.

As for the second question... I don't know. Series 5 had a feeling to it as though, in a sense, everything had just begun. :) On a more serious note, I suppose I'd love to see Doctor Who end with the end of the Thirteen era. (I recall as a time lord he can regenerate twelve times, hope I'm not imagining things). Whether the Doctor finally dies once and for all or just happily flies away from Earth in the TARDIS once and for all wouldn't make any difference to me. The essential thing I don't want is that they turn him into some kind of an immortal being or magically increase his number of regenerations left or do anything along these lines. But how many more series should the current Doctor and each of his successors have? I have no idea. If they manage to keep good writing and make right casting choices, I'd say no less than two for each of them, but I have no clue about TV shows production and how that all works behind the scenes, so. We'll see.
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