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Now that was hilarious! No, seriously, the last minutes were more like a sitcom than a football match. I laughed hysterically.
Also, it was nice to see Lamps and Drogba in action again. Didier's da man.
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Now I don't really like what's going on in the club at the time.
People on important positions leaving (bye, Ray Wilkins, wish you all the best), key players getting injured and sitting on the bench, losing three games in a row plus only a draw against Newcastle last Sunday, Ancelotti being all "Oh don't worry, guys, we're super cool, it's just bad luck" (I, to put it mildly, can't believe it is)...
I haven't written anything about that until now not because I don't care. Of course I do. I'm simply not quite sure exactly how to react or what to make of that all. I don't think wailing "ZOMG everything is lost!!1" and pulling out hair would make any sense (btw, everything surely isn't). But I'm not on the "just bad luck" side of the pool, either.
Still, we're only two points behind MU. Our Champions League group looks ok too, though that latest victory against the club I couldn't spell the name of wasn't very inspiring, (as is the babbling about missed opportunities and learning to convert chances).
And, yes, Ancelotti announcing that he's not willing to go to the transfer market this winter is bothering.
The sad thing is that what we've been through in recent years seems to be repeating all over again. Sigh.


On a side note: The weather totally hates us miserable people living in this city. It's -25 °C and lower outside, oh my. *wants to stay in bed all day under a duvet with a mug of hot tea*
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I endlessly love my boys in blue.

We are the team. We are the champions. And today is a blue day.

Now I know what pure happiness is like.

Thank you.


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